Syntor x cable question

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Syntor x cable question

Post by JCC419 »

I have a syntor x model t45vbj7000bk with a systems 90 8 channel control head.
Hnn4008 . The problem encountered was the green 12 volt wire broke from the pin
On the black connector . I don't own a manual for this radio . The closest thing I found
Online that it's suppose to connect to pin #12 and it's showing an orange 12 volt switched
Wire on pin #13 which I don't see . My question, are both these power sources required to
Get 12 volts to the control head ? also , does this type of control head use a ground wire ?
If anyone is familiar with syntor x cabling I would appreciate any help.
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Re: Syntor x cable question

Post by fineshot1 »

You will need these below pins and removal tool but not even sure if these parts
are still available.

Contact Pin Removal Tool part number - 66-84690C02 and Contact Pins (package of 5) - part number 09-84151B03
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Re: Syntor x cable question

Post by Karl NVW »

And to answer the 2nd part, NO, your radio does not need the orange lead unless you will be transmitting. Green lead fed from +13.8 battery, orange from Ign Switch 13.8 VDC. Ground is returned back to the radio drawer within the control cable - helps keep ignition noise out of the optional accessory channel scan logic board above the control head.
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