how to communicate with an AstroTac 3000 Comparator

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how to communicate with an AstroTac 3000 Comparator

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Hello group,
I've been working to use an astrotac 3000 comparator in an Amateur radio mixed mode repeater system. I got it working OK so far but I would like to be able to extract live info and control from the comparator. In research I found third party products that are used to monitor and control the comparator. Being a cheap Amateur I need info on info that can be read from the RS 232 port on the Scm if possible. CTI products has a device that talks to the synchronous port J 15 I have no Idea how to interface with a synchronous port, Any Info here. Is there info on the available commands that one can talk to the comparator via the rs232 port ?
One critical thing I need is to get a COS signal out of the comparator when a analog signal is voted so I can interface it to a repeater analog controller. The controller is used to do analog linking with other repeaters. One solution is to use a companion Digitac analog voter. But I have no rack space to do that . Any ideas or information out there would be greatly appreciated
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Re: how to communicate with an AstroTac 3000 Comparator

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Only way I've ever seen to get voting information out of these things is with the CTI Products equipment.

I wouldn't put any DIGITAC comparators in service due to high failure rates as they age (and I speak from experience). Your money is better spent on a JPS SNV12 or SpectraTAC comparator for analog voting.
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