MSF5000 800MH SSCB convert to UHF

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MSF5000 800MH SSCB convert to UHF

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I came into possession of a MSF5000 RF tray and digital controller with the TLN3090A (800MHz) SSCB. In looking over the documentation it appears a few dozen resisters are different between the VHF, UHF and 800MHz. versions. The EPROM is probably loaded with different code. The parts list refers to different resistors for TRN7061A, TRN9998A and TRN1779A in the book that lists TLN3034A - UHF, TLN3059A - VHF, and TLN3039A - 800 on page 1 publication 68P8102E93-O 12/29/89-UP. I have not been very successful in identifying TRN7061A, TRN9998A and TRN1779A to know which one is the UHF version.

Would it be possible to swap the parts, copy an EPROM from a UHF SSCB, and have a SSCB that could operate a UHV RF tray? Anybody ever done such a thing?
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Re: MSF5000 800MH SSCB convert to UHF

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You can define the band, etc. in the MSF 5000 RSS and make the change to UHF there. But man oh man, I'd just get a UHF uniboard rather than go through all that.
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