CP200D Speaker Issue

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CP200D Speaker Issue

Post by gmbrickley »

Hello. We have a fleet of CP200 and CP200D's. About 20 of the D's have no speaker audio. We've tested them against a working radio and they are good. The audio port also works with an accessory. I'm thinking something changed with the D's. We have very few issues with the older radios. Could it be an issue with the audio port? After we disconnect a speaker mic it acts like its still connected. Has anyone had this issue? If so did a squirt of contact cleaner help out? Thanks!
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Re: CP200D Speaker Issue

Post by jackhackett »

One thing you should not do is connect/disconnect the mic with the radio on. That can cause it to do things like get stuck in transmit mode.

The CP200 series is known for having problems with the accessory jack, I've replaced more than I care to think about. Usually they go bad if you connect and disconnect a mic or headset a lot, such as when the radios are shared between multiple users who each have their own headset so it gets changed every shift.

There are other things that can cause them to lose speaker audio. For instance, it's not unusual for the speakers to go bad.

It's usually not too hard for a technician to figure out if the speaker or jack is bad, replacing the jack is royal pain though.
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Re: CP200D Speaker Issue

Post by com501 »

I have had a number of speakers go open. But also, accessory jacks go bad almost as much. The jack can be replaced fairly easily in about half an hour with a hot air tool and a vacuum solder station.
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