IMPRES: Undefined LED status (blinking orange/green)

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IMPRES: Undefined LED status (blinking orange/green)

Post by buckyswider »

Hi all, I just took delivery of 20 XPR3500e. While charging all the batteries for initial deployment, three of the units are coming up with an LED status of blinking orange/green. I can't find what that means anywhere. Charger is a PMPN4174 if that makes a difference.

All went to reconditioning upon first charge (steady orange) as they should . 17 ended up solid green as they should. And yes, this is definitely orange/green, *not* red/green. I swapped the three outliers into different chargers- same result. I even swapped them into different radios- same result.

I reckon I have to contact my vendor and have these three replaced as "DOA", but I'd really like to figure out what this undocumented LED pattern is.

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Re: IMPRES: Undefined LED status (blinking orange/green)

Post by Jim202 »

I would expect the batteries are dead and won't take a charge. What I try on dead batteries that do this is to use a variable voltage power supply and use a series of resistor that I made out of some large wire wound resistors to make a 2.5 ohm total of them in parallel. Then gradually raise the voltage to about 1 amp on the charge contacts with some wires I hold on the battery.

If you watch the current, you may see it jump down. If not, raise the current a little more to about 1.5 amps.

The battery is dead and your not going to damage it any more. But you may be ably to cause the cells to un-short and start to accept a charge.

I do this frequently with old nicad batteries. Most of the time it works.

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