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Post by FreddieMac502 »

I can't seem to find the answer. Does anyone know the value of the JU801 Maxtrac fuse. I need to order a new one or 12 :-)

Any help appreciated.

-Fred KD5FMU
-Fred M.-
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Post by train_radio_guy »

Do you have a location, as to where JU801 is located? I went through the online copy of the MaxTrac Service Manual (68P80102W84-O), on Repeater-Builder, and I could not find anything listed for JU801. In typical Motorola nomenclature, JU usually refers to a Jumper, & F usually refers to a Fuse.

While there was no JU801, I did find references to other JU (jumpers) that were typically a 0-ohm resister.

As for fuses, I did find a reference to F801 (Part # 65-05214E06), which is a 1-Amp fuse.

Motorola MaxTrac Service Manual - Part 2 of 4: ... 2-of-4.pdf

Specifically, 'drilled-down' to page 11 (Parts List for HLN5172A Logic Board (PW-7356-O), Sheet 4 of 4), second column from the left, top.

F801 (Part # 65-05214E06), which is a 1-Amp fuse, was the closest thing I could find, that matches what you're looking for. I hope it helps.

- trg, 8)
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Post by PETNRDX »

Many have run into this before.
The schematics and parts lists show either J801 or F801 depending on the era.
Early schematics seem to show it as a 0 ohm jumper, later as a one amp PICO fuse.
In a *pinch* you can just solder a VERY small wire across, kind of making your own "fuse".
I have done this many times when I could not find my drawer of PICO fuses.
If you use a single strand of a SMALL multi strand wire, it would burn out at an amp or two if you were to short something in the radio.
Not perfect, but will get you going til you can get a PICO fuse.
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Post by Satelite »

There is a fuse F-801 but theres also jumers on back side of the maxtrac HLN9313 logic bd J801 thru J-804
as i recall.
Years back when i was modifying the Maxtrac usa mobile to the MAX99 canadian 99ch version we changed the J-801 thru J-804 as to open or closed as needed to gain the extra memory needed for expanded ch to 99ch.
If you look here on batlabs under maxtrac i believe there was a section explaining all the items and things you did to make a MAX99 mobile from the usa maxtrac.
I did several of these mobiles to the MAX99 version and way way back Monty (Rest In Peace) and several others all got together and even managed to change the MAX99 program to allow not only lo band but vhf and uhf as well but you still needed to use the proper rf bd for the band split you were making and tuning values had to be entered manually during calibration procedure of the logic bd that you upgraded the prom to a 28c56
It was the J jumpers you changed to gain the extra plug in prom legs for expanded memory.
Be aware that you also changed out the prom from version 5.34 to a id have to look it up but recall vs something number.
I still have proms and prom burner to duplicate the items needed to make the MAX99 canadian maxtrac
But wasnt much interest back then nor of late due to m400 series ect did same only in a larger drawer type chassis with seperate dash head mount and connecting cable.
As to the j jumpers on back side of the logic bd they were zero ohm jumpers and as already said above just solder a small wire across jumpers needed and call it good.
As a side note i too sorta recall the fused top side on logic bd at times marked as a J rather than F but was a 1 amp green pico fuse most of the time but it was this same fuse you cut to make mobile turn on and off by ignition sense too so could be why it gets marked a J rather than F ?????
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Post by Satelite »

Correction to above post i just made.
JU-802 thru JU-805 is on back side of logic bd and JU-801 is on top side.
Search here on batlabs under Maxtrac info scroll down aways to 99 ch conversion info.
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Post by jackhackett »

That fuse is the one for ignition sense, you blow it or cut it to enable ignition sense. I'm guessing the OP has a bunch of radios they want to convert back.
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