mx 350-S and mx360

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mx 350-S and mx360

Post by sierra1 »

HI, I would like to find out what's the difference between the MX350-S and the MX360

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MX Series

Post by dfc2 »

the -S denotes it's a programmable radio. the front of the radio will have a MX310, 320, 330, 340, 350, or 360. that denotes the size of the case. I have seen 340, 350, and 360 that are programmable. what you really need to look for is the model number on the rear.. it should look something like. H43SXU3140

H= Hand HEld
4 = High Power in a hand held ( 2 or 1 Would be low power in a hand held)
3 = VHF (4 is UHF, 5 is 800, 1 is Low Band)
SXU = Programmable, Enxrypted (AAU is Crystal, SSU is Programmable, no encryption
31 = CTCSS (51 is DPL, 11 is Carrier Sq.

Now I am not an expert on the radio, but I do have a working knoledge of them. PM me if you have more questions.

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MX Case data...

Post by Tom in D.C. »

To add to what DFC2 told you, the case length varies as the features area added, for example:
1. More frequencies in a crystal radio
2. More PL modules in a PL-selectable module radio
3. Encryption module in an encrypted radio
4. More "anything" that requires more physical space.

The Motorola MX service manuals have all of this variable data shown in extreme detail if you can get hold of one.

The smallest MX you're likely to find is a single-channel radio which has only two crystal modules, in UHF the channel set and offset modules, and in VHF the transmit and receive modules. This would be a 320 which is a really nice short radio but it's also short on features. A single PL capability doesn't usually add to the case length, only when you get to mulltiple PL radios.

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Re: mx360 channel elements

Post by luis1972 »

Hello everybody,

Anyone know where I can get some channel elements for a Motorola MX360 (8 channel). I prefer the 2-meter ham band. I 've checked eBay (no luck).

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Re: mx 350-S and mx360

Post by WA6OXN »

There is a person on ebay selling 2-meter channel elements for MX300 series radio's.

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