Please don't shoot, Midland programming question....

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Please don't shoot, Midland programming question....

Post by kf4sqb »

OK, here goes. Please don't flame me if Midland is as bad about their software as Motorola! :roll: Moderators, if this is as bad as asking about Motorola RSS, kindly delete this post, and don't be too hard on me, please! :(

I need software, if avalible, to program a Midland 70-056 with a regular PROM burner. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
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Post by MO_TRASHER »

It's been a VERY long time since I programmed a midland mobile radio. Their model numbers are more confusing than /\/\.
I think you have a first generation Syntech mobile. Those guys used a stand-alone programmer that the e-prom module plugs into. Similar to the computer & sidecar that /\/\ had for the first gen. of Syntors.
I found a link of a place that can help you if you can't find someone on the board to help out.
BTW these were the first guys I found. Plug in the radio model # in google and you'll get more, I'm sure.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Nope, there about all I found

Post by mavericknet »

I have a batch of midland 7-266-133 handhelds, can program them anyway but with a special device that nobody has... BTW, if somebody has one of these laying around a in a junk pile I'd be happy to take it off your hands!
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Post by alex »

If someone would kindly pass on to me what the license for the software states, or evidence supporting that it might be copyrighted software, I'll evaluate it.

If it is copyrighted software, it would be safe to assume that it's not for distribution, and thus, not be allowed on here.

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HT Programmer?

Post by Big Blue TO/\/\ »

What is the special device? I only ever worked with 1 or 2 Midland HT's and can't remember the model #'s offhand, but they did have a weird programming cable assy. I still have it, and if it's what you need, would loan it maybe.

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Post by Monty »


The Midland 70-056 and 70-056C uses the
70-1000 Series Programmer.

There is no Software involved, and requires
a EEprom & the 70-1000 Series Programmer

These Programmers are now very rare, some may
not even be operational anymore.

Anyhow, even the Factory Can not help !

I sold my last Programmer ( and all of its adaptors )
to John Panic @ Panic Electronics...You can also try
Brinkely Electronics as well, but I purchased a Mint
70-1000 and all of its adaptors, and it sat around
not ever being used for over 2 years, and as such
I chose to sell it , and buy other later model hardware.

If you can't locate either one of them, let me know,
and I will send the information to you

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Post by Big Blue TO/\/\ »

Well, since you bring it up, there is a company in Australia who makes and markets a PC version of the 70-1000 . I bought one for a company I worked for but had to leave it when I left. It worked fine. You just pop the eeprom into the little board (sold without a case, just the PCB and Cable, and software) load the "rss" and program away, just like any other radio. It was cool. The price was 350.00 US including shipping. I don't even think it was ebay that I found them on.... if anyone wants the info, It'l take me a day or so, but I can find it.
They provided the box, manual, software, and semi-hassle free way to pay (via credit card I think) but they probably take Paypal or other systems by now.

Check your local shops, one I dealt with in NM had a working 70-1000 and would let me come in and use their UV lamp, and the programmer whenever I wanted for free.
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Post by twowaytekk »

Just for everyone's curiosity there is an individual in Austrailia who sells a 70-1000C programmer for these radios. It is PC based and cost around $350.00. He sells them on Ebay and outright to anyone who wants one.

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Post by RADIOMAN2002 »

I have a few 1000 series programmers, but only one adapter for the 8chan series radio. I would be willing to program for you at a reasonable cost. PM me.
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Post by KitN1MCC »

one of the local dealers here in Ct has the full ste up let me know what you need
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Post by Andy Brinkley »

kf4sqb -

The 70-056 utilizes a Z-273 plug in memory module, that has a UV erasable eprom. It can be programmed via either the 70-1000 standalone programmer or the 70-1000C PC based unit. The PC software needs the 70-1000C to program the memory module. You can see some of the equipment that we use to program the Midlands at:

E-mail me direct if you have any questions about programming any of the older (non pc programmable) commercial gear.
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Post by mike m »

Sounds like you picked up one of those syntech I low banders for around 30 dollars on E-bay. Nice radios I hear a lot on 6 and 10 FM here out west.

Midland does not support these radios any more so there is no software licensing to go thru and the 70-1000c S/W was done by a fellow in Australia who wasn't directly affiliated with Midland.

Go to the midland group on yahoo above, in the files section you will see ( you may need to go to and subscribe first), check out which is the 70-1000C pc software. You will find it at the bottom of the files section.

This generates the proper binary file for all of the syntech one radios and you do not need the Australian programmer that went with this for it to work.

Use your regular prom burner set up for a 2716 and burn the prom. I've done about 20 lowband, VHF and UHF syntech I's this way.

Also to program the 2716 you will need to unsolder the 2716 eprom from the Z273 module and replace it with a low profile socket and then you can remove the 2716 freely for programming swapping etc..

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