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Post by RESCUE161 »

I need this chip. Can someone e-mail me if they have one with the price? rescue161@yahoo.com If it is not available, is there another one that will work? I am making a Type I Maxtrac into a Type II. Thank you for looking,
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Post by Josh »

You are not the only one. I've been looking for this for a few weeks, myself, and left messages here, and on newsgroups, with no positive respose still! Motorola sells them for $60. However, I don't want to pay that much, myself, as the radio I bought only cost $41.

So, unless you get it through Motorola, you'll just have to wait in line!

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Re: HLN9383

Post by twowaytekk »

I have two of these HLN9383 chips. They are both new in the package. Message me if interested.
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Re: HLN9383

Post by Satelite »

Just pointing out that your replying to a 20 year old posting.
But hey never know might still want it ????
Respectfully Submitted
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