Saber Multiplier Battery Date codes

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Saber Multiplier Battery Date codes

Post by zoulas »

Hello, I just picked up two new Multiplier batteries and the codes were 360. I would like to think 36th week of 2010? I found an old post from 2001 where a similar question was a asked but back then the date codes used letters. Can anyone confirm my date code reasoning? Thanks gents, W2ZOU

Also, the fit on the Astro Sabers is P-E-R-F-E-C-T--No Wobble. Nice and tight.
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Re: Saber Multiplier Battery Date codes

Post by RadioSouth »

Anyone have the current Multiplier date codes ?
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Re: Saber Multiplier Battery Date codes

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Re: Saber Multiplier Battery Date codes

Post by Satelite »

Ok seems this needs answered.
Multiplier did before 2010 use the 2 letter code on the batteries to date them in obscure inking on the batteries.
Multiplier was bought out by a new owner back in approximately 2010.
The new owners printed the date codes in plain easily seen sight on the batteries label.
As an example if you had a multiplier battery with 1811 on it then its 2018 November manufactured date.
Theres no longer a deep shroud of secrecy in the battery codes with the new owners of Multiplier .
I can say this if your by chance looking at an old multiplier company before 2010 buy out that has a two letter code then rest assured your in possession of a 2010 or older battery.
If your interested in just how old then the post I posted years ago does give info up to 2007 I think but youd have to click on the above link to see if im correct.
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