XTL5000 O5 head with Whelen siren VIP Issue

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XTL5000 O5 head with Whelen siren VIP Issue

Post by MHG »

I just received 8 new kits of XTL5000 radios with the O5 remote heads with DEK boxes. We are using Whelen 01-0287205-)) Sirens. Previously we used Astro Spectras so this is new for us...

The problem...

The horn ring (VIP connector works fine. I can put the siren on the cars hors, or I can set it back to the horn. No issues so the wiring is fine.

Our people like to leave the siren operating on the horn all the time. If I turn off the car then turn it back on the cars horn will come out of the horn until the radio boots up. Then the relay clicks and the horn does nothing. No siren, no horn. An obvious safety issue. If the vehicle was turned off while the horn is selected, it comes back when the car is turned on with no issues. This issue leaves the cars horn and siren off unless the agent turns it back on.

Since the switching back and forth between siren and horn works without any issues as long as the car is not turned off, then I must conclude there are no wiring issues. The problem only happens when the radio is rebooted. sounds like the code plug is telling it to default to whatever it was left to do, but the radio is not telling the siren to make any noise...

Other info:

when the VIP is set to horn the MAN light is on. When it is set to siren the MAN light is off. This is opposite of the astro spectra where the siren light turns on when the VIP is set to siren...
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Re: XTL5000 O5 head with Whelen siren VIP Issue

Post by d119 »

Latest firmware update fixes this issue, R20.00.05.
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Re: XTL5000 O5 head with Whelen siren VIP Issue

Post by escomm »

20 versions of firmware and they are still breaking :o...
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