Whelen AdvantEdge problem

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Whelen AdvantEdge problem

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I recently got asked by the chief to take a look at two light bars that are reported broken at our station. One is a whelen 4000 series AdvantEdge <Rotator|Flasher|Rotator|BLANK|BLANK|Rotator|Flasher|Rotator>
With this one ive got about 10 inches of wire. Its got two obvious that are power + and Ground -.
Other than that it has about 8 others that are exposed. Ive seen a diagram of what theyre supposed to be. My question is:
Do i need a power supply or a switch box to make this work or can i rig rocker switches to it and then one for alleys, one for flashers, etc. and have it still work?

Question 2: I have an S&L LED lightbar. Something shorted in the truck one night. I took it apart and the control board inside is fried about halfway. The company (go figure) no longer exists. So can i take the LEDs from it and mount them to the AdvantEdge and make that work?
(I was thinking i could wire them the same as the flashers and make an arrowstick work on the back.)
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Re: Whelen AdvantEdge problem

Post by tvsjr »

You are better off asking this on eLightbars.org
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