USED Lightbars & Stuff input

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USED Lightbars & Stuff input

Post by BigTex1136 »

One of my good customers wants to trade in some of there used stuff for credit on some new stuff. So before I agree to this I need to figure out if there is a site or some one who wants this stuff.

The List is this

18 Federal signal legend full size bar all RED LED's with takedown and alley lights they have about 3ft of wire still maybe more

18 federal signal light & siren controllers unknow model but about the same age as the light bars

10 Joto Desk universal computer mounts (Base is for Chevy Inpala or nothing at all)

10 siren speakers it a mix of makes but all 100 watt

That is it. I know there is more in the pile of stuff they said I could have. Question is where can I off load this stuff or can I even off load this stuff before I agree to give them some kind of trade in. I do need more stuff piled around my shop and home. I know for a fact the light bars all work they just came off units that were removed from service. Same with the light and siren controllers.

Thanks for the input guys & gals.
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Re: USED Lightbars & Stuff input

Post by FireCpt809 » also if you have facebook there are numerous pages for buy/sell of emergency gear
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Re: USED Lightbars & Stuff input

Post by jmr061 »

If you are questioning the value and the ease of getting rid of it then don't do it. You will only burn yourself in the long run. Let them know that you can direct them to some places to sell it or take it on consignment.
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Re: USED Lightbars & Stuff input

Post by 60A »

What @jmr061 said. It's very hard to turn used equipment for a profit. People want latest greatest and they want everything for free.
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