SS2000 Brain trouble

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SS2000 Brain trouble

Post by rescue52 »

I have aSS200 without a signal master. I have 2 problems

1) Aux relay D & E click when the button is pressed with no power output (fuse is good)??

2) Horn ring relay clicks on with no activation of either the car horn or the siren??

Any suggestions??

P.S. looking for a schematic manual to see what relays control what.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: SS2000 Brain trouble

Post by fineshot1 »

The SS2000 has evolved over time and you failed to mention what model year you have,
If this is an older model SS2000 this may help you.
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Re: SS2000 Brain trouble

Post by jackhackett »

The horn ring relay should activate when the siren is powered up.

When off, the horn ring connections are shorted by the relay's normally closed contacts allowing normal horn operation, when the siren is powered up the relay kicks in and connects the horn ring connections into the siren's horn ring circuits so that it can detect the horn signal and activate the siren or air horn depending on how it's programmed.

The normally closed contacts are rated at 2 amps, so if your vehicle horn draws more than that you need to add an external relay as described in the installation instructions.
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