2008 Ford F-250 Console Options?

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2008 Ford F-250 Console Options?

Post by MasterMarine »


A customer just called to get things rolling on a 2008 Ford F250 command vehicle.

Have you seen any cool consoles for these rigs yet?

Too bad they changed the dash so the Jotto unit will not work anymore.

Anyway, he is trying to decide between buckets with full console or bench seat with console in front of the seat. Any input would be appreciated. He wants to get the truck ordered soon.

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Post by tvsjr »

Command vehicle? The Jotto contour console is just too small... not enough faceplate-inches, especially for a command vehicle that's likely to have a full lighting package, multiple radios, MDC, etc.

Spend the money, go to buckets with a full console. Also think about the 4WD selection... if they don't get the electronic-shift-on-the-fly 4WD, you'll have a lever on the floor to deal with.

I've got a 30-inch Havis in my '05 350 and love it.
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Post by MasterMarine »

It is a small department. I think a better definition of this vehicle would be chief's ride but he called it a command vehicle.

He has only told me about 1 radio so far which is a CDM 1550.

The big hassle here is the Ford Super Heavy Duty line is getting a complete interior and exterior remake for the 2008 which should be hitting dealer lots pretty soon. So just about every aftemarket bracket (console, lightbar mounting, siren mounting) will need to be redesigned. I hope the manufacturers are working on it.

It also looks like some special work and/or equipment will be needed for wig-wags to function.

I just called Helm about the wiring diagram and they told me it is not scheduled for delivery until May.

Thanks for the input on the seats. I was leaning toward the buckets but was afraid they would bring in some kind of huge plastic center console full of ducts, expensive electronic control boxes and wiring like the GMs. I called my local dealer to see if they had any trucks in stock for me to look at to see how things were configured but they have not arrived yet.

I also had not thought about the 4wd selector. Thanks for pointing that out.

The buckets would be a no brainer if the whatever is between them is not connected to the dash and easy to replace with a nice big havis or similar.

Thanks again!

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Re: 2008 Ford F-250 Console Options?

Post by agtkgv »

Check out odyssey automotive, their stuff is a bit pricey, but will last a lifetime, and they will make all the custom cuts for siren, radios, switches etc.

Here's a link to their new consoles I think the F550 should be the same, if not I guarantee they will have one or will make one. http://www.odysseyauto.com/cabinets/consoles1.html
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Re: 2008 Ford F-250 Console Options?

Post by tbski »

I too am working on a install project for a 2008 F-250 SuperDuty truck.
It has the factory middle console and the customer wants it to stay. So, what i am looking for is a vehicle specific one built by say Havis or Jotto that utilizes the lower dash.
No one has them out yet and it is getting to the point i can't put off the project anymore. I called both companies, each confirmed a newly designed console in developement but no further info on when it will be ready for the public.
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Re: 2008 Ford F-250 Console Options?

Post by japple650 »

I know its been awhile since someone posted on here last but any updates,pics,or tips? I'm in the process of installing an XTL 5000 in one of these trucks and was just curious. Also any easier or better place to run the antenna cable then thru the air vent between the cab and bed?
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