EP911 on SS2000SM

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EP911 on SS2000SM

Post by Penaltybox1999 »

I am new to installing SS2000sm...

I have the unit installed, sirens work no problems, control head lights up, but not sure how to install the EP911TD/WL24. I am installing the EP911, hideaway strobes in all the front and rear vehicle lights, and a small LED dash light in the front. On the SS2000sm I have the main LARGE power cable hooked up through a circuit breaker from the vehicle battery to the SS2000sm unit, and the second power supply wire to a key controlled connection. On the signal master I have that hooked up to power and grounded, but there is no wiring diagram for installing the EP911. On the back on the SS2000sm there are 11 pins for the signal master, how would I hookup the EP911, it only has 5 or 6 wires. I have tested the relay 1,2,3 and they all have continuous power if the SS2000sm unit is on, so when I turn the vehicle on the EP911 comes on without any buttons being activated on the control head... Please help.
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Re: EP911 on SS2000SM

Post by allplowedout »

the SS2000sm switches the ta via negative outputs.
Get some schematics, the multimeter out and afew hours and you'll be good.
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Re: EP911 on SS2000SM

Post by Motoboy »

Not sure why this thread was bumped, but I'm sure by now Penaltybox1999 figured out that the Signal Master on the SS2000 will not work with the 911EP TD/WL series.

The Signal Master works on negative logic, and with individual light segments that get wired to the SM individually.

The 911EP TD/WL series lightsticks work with positive logic, and each wire does something to the whole bar. One wire might flash a warning pattern, another might activate the right arrow. Tie the two wires together and you get a left arrow chaser :x . These bars are the biggest POA's I've run into in my five years of squad upfitting. You need experience in ladder-logic diagrams to make them work as desired. Most times I cheat and use diodes in place of extra relays.
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