Federal Signal Smart Siren PLATINUM (SSP3000)

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Federal Signal Smart Siren PLATINUM (SSP3000)

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Just curious if anyone has had the chance to play with Federal Signals latest toy, the Smart Siren Platinum series. Personally, it looks too much like a toy for me to take it seriously. Also, with a product this new what are the odds that there are a ton of first-run glitches in it? Looks cool, but I would rather know from you if it's even worth a demo. What are your thoughts?


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Re: Federal Signal Smart Siren PLATINUM (SSP3000)

Post by Pj »

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Played with it in Baltimore. Didn't seem all that different in feel to me. I am not that versed on the SS, so wasn't really sure what this really did over the existing ones. The box seemed large for what it did, but most likely on par with the Whelen Cencom.

BTW, the Cencom Black which is mostly designed for the 54ward system and related junk should be out shortly. I believe it will work conventionally and with the 54Ward software.
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Re: Federal Signal Smart Siren PLATINUM (SSP3000)

Post by apco25 »

I've seen one and while it has some nifty features I don't really see much use for it outside of being the controller the FS converge system.
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