Whelen m series question

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Whelen m series question

Post by jaredaggie »

We are converting our fleet to all whelen m series lightheads using m4's and m9 lightheads, all with split lighthead colors and clear lenses. As such the initial install of that many lightheads with so many internal flash patterns creates a lot of time consuming work. Also over time some whelen light heads with internal flashers seem to lose their settings. This leads one to wonder if it is possible to flash these lightheads on a flasher? I know they can be synchronized but it would be easier and more effective if we could simply use a cheap led flasher and bypass the internal flashers. While I am very fond of the m series, the number of flash combinations these come with has gotten out of hand.

Another option that had crossed my mind was setting each half of the lighthead to solid burn and then alternating the power to the lights using a flasher.

If that isn't possible, does anyone know of a way to mass program these so our mechanics can save some te and their retinas? All creative ideas will be appreciated.


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Re: Whelen m series question

Post by tvsjr »

Add an "S" suffix to the model number of the head and you'll get a steady-burn head designed for external flasher use.
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Re: Whelen m series question

Post by Pj »

Could also just leave them on the default signal alert75 pattern and be done with it. Other than that, use a LED flasher.

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Re: Whelen m series question

Post by thebigphish »

If you already have the lightheads, and cannot (or willnot) swap all them for steady-burn models, most whelen "scan-lock" lightheads can be factory reset to their initial flash pattern by applying 12vdc to the scanlock wire prior to connecting the B+ and GND wire. If you have a bunch of lightheads that you want to do at once, the M series have like 60 or so patterns in them, you can tie all the SCANLOCKs, SYNCS and GNDs and B+s togther on a bunch of lightheads, and then with a simple NO switch in line for the SCANLOCK wire, you can step batches of the lightheads thru together....when you're going thru 60 or 70 patterns at once, it's a lot easier to batch set them.

IIRC, usually the last pattern in the newer modules is a steadyburn, so just keep going till most of them (if you are really lucky - all of them) are in steady burn...atleast it's an easy pattern to recognize!

Buss a bunch of them together.
Batch reset them to default.
power them down.
power them up, use your switch thingy to jump thru the patterns, and stop when you are at steady burn.
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