Whacker OHR or Fury???

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Whacker OHR or Fury???

Post by TasPol »

G'day all, just stumbled across this forum, and I gotta say it's bloody awesome! I have a love for both radios and emergency lighting!

Would anyone be willing to help me in making my purchase of one of two dash lights I have in mind:

The Whacker OHR Dash Light:


Or the Whacker Fury Dash Light:


The OHR is the cheaper option - but it looks to me like the Fury is brighter - and I will get the brighter light where I can.

Does anyone know which one is best - or even better does anyone OWN one of these?

Cheers all

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Re: Whacker OHR or Fury???

Post by ka8ypy »

Both are same as Axixtech Hawk-i II (OHR) and Axixtech MicroMax II (Fury)

Fury is TIR optics and 1 watt leds, OHR is 70+ 5mm leds, so the Fury will be brighter.

Check on your side of the pond for Axixtech and you should be good to go.

If not let me know and i will hook you up as I sell Axixtech products and will ship to you if your willing to pay it.

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