Wiring microphone to Unitrol 80K?

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Wiring microphone to Unitrol 80K?

Post by d119 »

Does anyone know how to wire a microphone directly to a Unitrol 80K through the 12-pin Molex connector on the front? I have a friend who asked me to ask you folks.

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Re: Wiring microphone to Unitrol 80K?

Post by ert1111 »

Unitrol used to sell an undercover kit that you could have lights and siren plus a jack for a microphone with a gain control. I have wired a lot of these with just the PA microphone and electronic air horn. Here is the link for a FS/Unitrol manual (select “80K” on the right side of the page) takes you to the diagram showing part of the way to put it together. Contact the FS/Unitrol technicians in Anaheim (numbers on the manual but I believe that the area code has changed) and they should be able to provide you with what you need.

If don’t have any luck with them, PM me for more information.

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Re: Wiring microphone to Unitrol 80K?

Post by Will »

Does anyone have the schematic/repair info for the 80K amp? All I can find is the installation PDF.
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