Federal Signal ss2000sm help

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Federal Signal ss2000sm help

Post by shumaster »

Ok 2007 tahoe went into install tonight and there is an issueprofessional install)

SS2000sm was installed in the tahoe.
In the brain I will start from bank a-e.
a: grill lights, led hideaways, back 4 pod light stick
b. front dash light, front wig-wags
c. front dash light
d. back hideaways
e. back hideaways, back 4 pod light stick

1. So we plug in the key pad, every thing was ok, key 1 on the key pad corresponded with bank a in the brain, and so on. All keys on the key pad corresopnded with the brain wiring.

2. I flipped the toggle swithch to 3, all lights went on, and the yelp worked with the horn.

3. I pressed the pa button on the key pad and something else just to see what the buttons do and number 1 on the key pad started to flash. I unplug the key pad; plug it back in and same thing.....i tried the hitting key 1 and it wont work just flashes on the key pad. Key 2-5 work. The siren buttons, 2 of 3 work. Before all of them work.

4. So i pulled the programing manual and started to program the unit:
- plug the telephone wire into the unit, let it go thru the motions, hold key 9
-unplug the unit while holding key 9
- release key 9, press key 10, then press key 15, they press key 9 again

What is going on, do we have a ss2000sm guru on this forum? I am going to this place tomorrow to see if this guy can program the key pad with the brain....... but before I go there maybe someone here knows something....send me a pm or reply here as i am by the computer. There is nothing wrong with the brain, the installer tested the brain, that is all he does for a living but he never programed the keypad before.....dont ask......

Reset to default
The manual states the following:

power up the unit
hold key 9, unplug the unit holding key 9
plug back in
press key 10, 15, then 9 to save
did that nothing....still flashes key 1 on the pad and now the siren button wont work except the horn button on the pad, and also the horn on the wheel wont work with the yelp on siren......

How can I get it to this:

When toggle bar is at at off, no lights on untill I press the 1-5 key's
Sirens will work on the key pad

When toggle bar is at 2: the lights are off but the horn will work with yelp when pressed, and then i can manualy control the lights and siren with the key pad.

When toggle bar is at 3 I want all light's to go on but I want to control the siren manualy with the buttons, and the horn will sound yelp when pressed......

** the issue is why is the key 1 flashing and wont work when pressed? and none of the button work....I most likely screwed up the programming on the key pad....
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