DotCom dedicated to the Motorola MDT's and more

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DotCom dedicated to the Motorola MDT's and more

Post by wa8iqo »

Hey all

I am the founder of the MW800 Forum on Yahoo!Groups. We have been having some discussion on the possibility of creating a full dot com related to Motorola's Mobile Data Computers.

This venture would not be specific to just one model but to all models - both historic and current.

I'm bring this up as I'm looking for feed back from anyone interested in giving there opinion on if there would be interest from a visitor standpoint and as a contribution standpoint?

This would be a huge undertaking and even though I am willing to fund the domain name and hosting, I can only contribute information on the MW800/810 as this is my are of knowledge as limited as it may be...

So would you visit such a site?

Do you think this section of batlabs meets the needs for this topic?

Are you knowledgeable in this area and would you be willing to contribute information?

What would you like to see in such a site?

Feel free to speak you mind. I teetering the fence on if it would be worth it or not. If your interested stop by the group and check us out!

Also, please keep in mind this is not meant to step on the toes of batlabs or be a replacement nor do I want it too be. I'm just hoping to fill a void.

Brad - WA8IQO
Brad - WA8IQO
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