ML910 Cloned Display Issue on Sharp LC-70LE732U LCD TV

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ML910 Cloned Display Issue on Sharp LC-70LE732U LCD TV

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Not sure where else to turn so thought I'd try this forum for help. I have a Motorola ML-910 ruggedized PC running Windows XP (32 bit) with an ATI Mobility X1400 graphics card (8.33-0661220m driver package). I want to hook to my Sharp LC-70LE732U via the VGA connector on the PC input of the TV. Upon connection, the PC graphics control panel properly recognizes the Sharp TV, but there is only a black display on the TV screen itself. Repeatedly cycling between CRT, LCD, and CRT+LCD via the Fn+F9 indicates that the PC is talking to the TV, but only a black screen is ever the result.

I've connected a different PC also running Windows XP, but with an ATI Mobility FireGLV3100 which works fine. I can find no later version of driver for the X1400, so am hoping that someone here has been able to get this configuration to work via some setting - either in the graphics card, or the TV or both. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Re: ML910 Cloned Display Issue on Sharp LC-70LE732U LCD TV

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Check the output parameters you are using for the TV - resolution, scan rate, vertical refresh, etc. TVs are not monitors - they won't accept as wide a range of input formats as a monitor. It sounds to me like the TV is saying "No sir - I don't like it" to what your computer is attempting to feed it.

Try changing from cloned mode to dual-head mode, and then changing the format on the TV to something simple like 800x600x60i and see if the TV likes it.
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