VZW USB760 and BT not playing nicely

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VZW USB760 and BT not playing nicely

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On my MW810 and ML910 (both use the Broadcom 20xx series chip and the WIDCOMM software) - when using the PAN bridge connecting the VZW USB760 modem, the VZW connection will drop randomly when there is a tethered connection. On the MW810 it will drop if just the BT is turned on with no active BT connection (it doesn't on the ML910). Good thing for auto redial!

On the ML after some drops and redials it will stay connected almost indefinatly, but not on the MW.

Obviously on the ML the USB is plugged into the laptop, so its close to the BT module wherever it may be installed. In the MW the module is in the screen and the modem is in the CPU under the rear seat and using an external antenna so I don't think that field interfearnce should be a problem.

This happens using the windows dial up and the VZW software. I am either missing something in WinXP-3 or I guess they just hate each other. I don't have another modem to test with.

Any ideas?
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