Computer and smart phone

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Computer and smart phone

Post by arlojanis »

My new smart phone has a USB cable that plugs into an AC adaptor for charging. Will the phone charge if it is plugged into my computer USB? Can the phone USB charging cable be used to transfer data from phone to computer?
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Computer And Smart Phone

Post by Jim1348 »

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Re: Computer And Smart Phone

Post by Wowbagger »

Jim1348 wrote:Yes.
More accurately, "Maybe".

1) some charging cables, especially cheaper iPhone cables, do NOT have the data leads, only power leads. Such cables therefor cannot be used for data transfer.
2) Some phones require a higher charging current than the 0.5A maximum allowed on a standard computer USB port. Your AC adapter may put out up to 2A to charge the phone. Some phones WILL NOT charge on 0.5A, especially if they are in use at the time. Others will charge, but very slowly.
3) Depending upon the phone, only certain forms of data transfer may be allowed - newer Android phones do not support the "USB Mass Storage" profile, and only support the Media Transport Profile, which may require you to use special software on the computer to support the phone. Also, if you are thinking of using the phone as a gateway to the Internet (a.k.a. tethering), you may need to have a extra service on your cellular plan to support that.
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