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text message from computer

Post by arlojanis »

Can I send a text message to a cell phone from my internet computer? What software do I use?
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Re: text message from computer

Post by Astro Spectra »

Most cellular companies have apps that hook into a subscription service many of which have an API you can call from your own program. The days of free web access to SMS have long gone. Another option if you don't like the cellco app is to use a cellphone module and talk to it via a serial connection.
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Re: text message from computer

Post by HumHead »

Most carriers host SMS gateways that will let you send a text via email.

For example, you can text a Verizon phone by emailing {10 digit cell number}@vtext.com, Sprint at: {10 digit cell number}@messaging.sprintpcs.com, AT&T at {10 digit cell number}@txt.att.com, T-Mobile at {10digit cell numer]@tmomail.net
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