Google chrome?

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Google chrome?

Post by arlojanis »

What is google chrome and chrome TV?
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Re: Google chrome?

Post by SteveC0625 »

arlojanis wrote:What is google chrome and chrome TV?
Among other things, Chrome is an internet browser. Google is using the word as a brand name to cover a growing group of products.

Chrome TV is a WiFi dongle that enables many of the new TV's to access things like Netflix, Flixster, and a lot more directly over a wifi connection. There are others out there, depending on the brand of TV you have. My Samsung's need a Samsung specific WiFi dongle. There's no special programming in it except that the TV will only talk to a Samsung dongle. Something in there to force the customer to buy Samsung accessories, I guess. But then I paid less for the Samsung wifi adapter than the $35 that Google wants for Chrome.

Most of the apps available through the adapters are free, but there are some that cost. The services are no different than what you'd access on your computer or smart phone. Flixster and UltraViolet apps and service are both free, but you can rent or purchase movies through them. The Netflix app is also free, but the service costs.
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