Prolific USB to Serial driver issues

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Prolific USB to Serial driver issues

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I used a Prolific USB to serial adapter with a Win XP Pro laptop, and it worked great for years. Then I lost the adapter, but had a similar one (also Prolific chipset) lying around that I thought I'd use instead.

This new one is made by ATEN, and of course asks for a new driver when it's plugged in.

I installed a new one from the web, and the laptop blue screens when I try and read a radio.

I don't remember what driver version the old cable was using, but that one worked great.

ser2pl.sys is the driver file that is the issue. I currently have ser2pl.sys version, as that seems to be "latest".

For those successfully using one of these cables with the Prolific chipset with XP, what version of ser2pl.sys do you have? It's usually in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS.
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Re: Prolific USB to Serial driver issues

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The current version of ser2pl.sys that I'm using with win XP pro is version The prolific website warns of knockoff PL2303 chipsets that don't work as advertised. The current Prolific driver downloaded from their website has a chipset version check executable included with the latest driver(WHDL certified). There were four or five versions of the chipsets produced by Prolific that their driver works with. Recommend that you download the current driver package and run the chipcheck executable to verify whether or not you have one of the knockoffs. If you do, don't expect it to work properly.
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