...MCX90 / 100 77M37 PLL chip PDF ???

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...MCX90 / 100 77M37 PLL chip PDF ???

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Does anyone have some tech info. about the 77M37 PLL IC found in old Motorola MCX90 / MCX100 / MCX1000 radios ?

My goal is to be able to control these PLL silicons with a microcontroller.

I have succeeded in addressing generic Motorola PLL IC's (MX145151, 152, 153... etc..) along with Japanese Fujitsu units but the 77M37 is REALLY weird !!!!!

I really like these radios... Their PLL / VCO's (along with the Spectra and MSF5000) are WAY better than virtually all other radios (including M)

So, if anyone fas the PDF or has decrypted the data addressing for the 77M37, you would really help me !

Thank you and 73 de Normand VE@UM.
Montreal Qc. Canada.
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