Fax Printer NOT HP that is any good?

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Birken Vogt
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Fax Printer NOT HP that is any good?

Post by Birken Vogt »

Yes, we still use a fax machine. It is integrated so that faxes received go to a folder on the computer. We can print to fax from the computer. At least we are supposed to be able to, except when the thing screws up and needs to be reinstalled it seems weekly. The main problem seems to be the HP software getting screwed up on the desktop computer.

It seems Epson may be used by other businesses for something that actually operates and does not need constant attention. Can anyone recommend a product that will work, Epson if it is any good or otherwise?
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Re: Fax Printer NOT HP that is any good?

Post by tvsjr »

I've been pretty impressed with the Brother MFDs. I have an HP now... when it dies, Brother is likely where I will jump.

OTOH, have you considered an Intertubes-based faxing service like eFax?
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