Panasonic CF-29 with strange display problem

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Panasonic CF-29 with strange display problem

Post by Jim202 »

Have a CF-29 laptop that the screen just goes crazy after using it for a few minutes. With no warning, all I get is lines on the screen. No key stroke makes any change. If you boot the computer from a cold start, it will run for a while and do the same thing. The ALT, CTRL, DEL key combo doesn't do anything.

My question is if it was a bad connection in the computer, I would think that once it did the line trick, it would stay that way. But this is not the case. So the second thought is maybe there is a software glitch. That means probably rebuilding the hard drive or another hard drive from scratch. Just haven't had the time yet to try that route.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Panasonic CF-29 with strange display problem

Post by tuckerm »

Can you take a picture of this happening and post it here? My guess is the LCD flex cable is probably loose...but it's hard to tell from your post what exactly its doing without a pic.
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Re: Panasonic CF-29 with strange display problem

Post by nukedude »

Mine began doing this before the main motherboard failed. Took some work on eBay to find a donor board, but luckily the CF-29 is a common model.
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