XP and IE update?

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XP and IE update?

Post by arlojanis »

I am running XP with 1GB of RAM. I am having problems with Internet Explorer 8. Will my computer run IE 11 OK?
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Re: XP and IE update?

Post by tuckerm »

I don't believe so. IE 11 won't run on XP and if I recall, the highest XP will run is IE 8 or 9.

Also, obligatory notice to OP: XP is no longer supported and you should look at moving away from that as a primary Operating System.
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Re: XP and IE update?

Post by swirusek »

Even if XP is not supported, it is my favourite OS amd I don't want to change for something new. Althought i recommend rather Opera browser than IE
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Re: XP and IE update?

Post by Jim202 »

Stop using IE8 and use something else like Firefox or Chrome.

IE8 has issues and the boys at the big M are not going to fix it.

I use Firefox all the time with XP with the service pack 3 and have no problems.

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