Xp home help with sound drivers and application

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Xp home help with sound drivers and application

Post by deadman1961 »

For Many years I have used Xp Home or Professional to Run a Program called PDW (, This program decodes pager messages for our local emergency services. running from a UBC9000xlt with a discriminator output, to the Sound card the program has a Signal meter to indicate the signal received

In the program you can choose different settings to suit your needs etc. Recently I had to re-Install windows XP, after I had I had installed the standard drivers from the individual websites for the computer I use two programs (Iobits Driver Booster 4 Free and Slimdrivers to upgrade the drivers therefore the computer has the latest realtek sound drivers

Before I had the meltdown Xp operating system with the PDW program worked fine and was receiving at 100%, but now its only receiving at 25 - 30% .
is there anything other than the manual sound controls that can be tweaked to get the program or the system to make the PDW program receive better.
Ive tried rollback, I cannot use any other Operating systems as the Program doesnt appear to be compatible or gives off worse results {have tried Win 7 and Win 8 }
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Re: Xp home help with sound drivers and application

Post by Jim202 »

I know this is a very old post, but my question is why did you not start with installing the computer's normal drivers after doing a new install of Windows XP? I still use XP for most of my computers and even some of the newer computers I have picked up from a computer store that took them in on either a trade in or a repair the customer didn't want to spend any money on.

Let me make a point up front before go too far. Many discriminator taps will have a DC bias on them that will drive most computer sound inputs crazy. The first thing I would look at would be to cap couple the tap from the receiver discriminator with a non polarized capacitor with like a 1.0 mfd. size or a little more dealing with paging tones and not normal voice.

The series coupling cap will block any DC. voltage that might be present and pass the audio present.

Another point to keep in mind is that your decoding program will probably not like an open squelched radio trying to decode the paging tones. Plus how strong is the signal? If the paging signal has any noise on it, the tones will be hard for the software to work effectively.

Hope this can point you in the direction to get it to work. Sorry it took me so many years to see your post.

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