MW810 Boot Sequence Changing

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MW810 Boot Sequence Changing

Post by gopher »

I have a bunch of mw810s that randomly change the boot order causing the unit not to boot.
Normally we have "windows boot manager" as the first device, but sometimes, we get the physical hard drive is the first device, causing a "no boot device found"
Its a quick and easy fix, but would like to prevent this from happening.. any ideas?
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Re: MW810 Boot Sequence Changing

Post by Pj »

The MW810's I have/had, seems like they go stupid once in awhile, where it doesn't see the HDD and goes into the boot device order or tries to boot from the lan/internal dohookie (can't remember what its called).

I don't know if this is a hardware or firmware defect. Sometimes a power cycle fixes this or takes half a day for it to come back.

For whatever reason, always seems like it happens in the spring when I am out on the great plains at the worse time.

I don't know and I don't have access to see if they ever released BIOS updates. These were with at least the R1.1 810's.
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