Building phase 2 contact list in APX

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Building phase 2 contact list in APX

Post by OldDawg »

Good morning,

My first attempt at building a phase 2 trunking call list, or alias list if you will, in an APX radio.

Want to be able to display the talking radio's alias, instead of the trunking SUID.

I have contacts in the UCL. When I open up the ID to set the Type 2 trunking id, it shows the system name in red. Assuming the unit ID field is hex, because it only allows 5 characters instead of 7.....but it won't take the hex it. it returns to unassigned.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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Re: Building phase 2 contact list in APX

Post by res6cue »

Type II (Motorola 3600 trunking) is not P25 Phase II. You need to set the P25 IDs in the ASTRO 25 Trunking ID section, same way you setup the trunked system as an ASTRO 25 system, not a Type II system.
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