Need some help or direction

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Need some help or direction

Post by N0ZPK »

Hello all, I had the unfortunate event of a my property being taken (burglary) from my garage, I had some programming hardware taken the software is physically located in a secure location. The items taken were a FLASHPort rib RLN1015D , the power supply,an ASTROSABER,HT1000,MT1000,SPECTRA(low power),SYNTOR X9000 and PC-TO-RIB CABLE. programming cables. I'd like to know where or who would I be able to contact to have them replaced. I want to stick with the OEM stuff.
Thanks! Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!.
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Re: Need some help or direction

Post by Jim202 »

I know this a real old post, but the first place I would try to look on is on Ebay.

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