how to restore a bricked mtp700

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how to restore a bricked mtp700

Post by elkan »

Hi All,

I need some advise and help.

I have a Motorola MTP700, when i want to make a full new programming from my radio i first want to delete the programming on the radio.

I used CPS 3.1.6 and push the erase button.

After that my radio is dead. No light, no beeps, no reaction to CPS programming software.
CPS doesn't find the radio when i like to program.

I used the original Motorola serial cable and programming stand.

after looking on internet i found on ebay a seller how sold Depot CPS MR5.11 R6D.581.03
this seller say it's possible to restore the radio with that software.
I tink it isn't because mr5.11 doesn't support mtp700 i think.

I also think i need a LAP version of CPS but i can't find the right one.
I hope the LAP version have the option to push the software and codeplug to the radio without conformation is connected.

also there are people how say there is a mtp flasher tool but i don't know.

what i have:

-CPS 3.1.6
-the right z19 file
-backup from old codeplug
-right serial cable + stand for programming
-Windows 7 32bit computer

i hope to get some advise how to restore my bricked radio.

I already wanna thank you for support.
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Re: how to restore a bricked mtp700

Post by MotoFAN »

Erase? It's is flash erase! Why you did that? There is no codeplug erase in Motorola TETRA.

It's near impossible to restore your radio. You will need FLASH cable and kernel upstart file, and probably boot file. Two last are factory service center available only.
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Re: how to restore a bricked mtp700

Post by alucard666 »

You should check service manual. You need connect pin13 (please check pin number) of bottom connector to 12V to turn you radio in flash mode.
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