APX Radio Management problems

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APX Radio Management problems

Post by IMBEJames »

Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and found a solution yet...

I installed the latest APX RM Suite, added a radio and tested everything. No problems. As soon as I imported a backed up database from the machine I was replacing, I could auto-read a radio, but could not complete a scheduled read or write via USB, and OTAP stopped working for read AND write. I know that the IV&D side is fine because we still have other RM computers on the system with no issues.

When I schedule a write job, the job is processed but stops prior to writing, and the status shows "waiting for device." Thing is, I can still read and write with CPS on the same machine via USB and POP25, so it's something specific to RM.

I've tried deleting everything from the database, importing a new database, unsintalling/reinstalling the entire suite... No luck.

James Eslinger

York, Maine
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