M1225 internal speaker pin location

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M1225 internal speaker pin location

Post by p38chief »

Hi. I’m new here,, I have a M1225, I’m hooking up an external speaker, and I still want the internal speaker to also work. I know I need a jumper on the plug for the external speaker plug I have. What pins do I jump ? 8/10 or 7/9 ? Thanks.
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Re: M1225 internal speaker pin location

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The accessory connector pins on the rear of this radio are pin 1 and 16.
Don't know if you need to jumper anything but pin 1 = external speaker -
and pin 16 = external speaker +
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Re: M1225 internal speaker pin location

Post by RFguy »

There is no jumper required. The external speaker runs in parallel with the internal speaker. Just hook up the external speaker to pins 1 and 16.

if you want to disconnect the internal speaker, you need to cut jumper JU501 or disconnect the internal speaker at the speaker.

Note: The M1225 only supports an 8 ohm external speaker. Don't use a 4 ohm or 2 ohm speaker.
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