Channel Mismatch errors 14/10 & 15/10 xtl 5000 03 head

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Channel Mismatch errors 14/10 & 15/10 xtl 5000 03 head

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I am using 03 control head on a xtl5000 vhf radio. When powering up; error 14/10 then 15/10 flash then show channel mismatch. I swapped to known working 03 heads off my other radios and get the same result. I am able to read the radio and write a codeplug but still have this same problem. I switched to another radio and am able to program fine. I am a ham radio operator and am trying to program with ham 144-148 bands only. My software is ATRSO 25 CPS 20.0.0.

Please help. I just purchased this radio and want to install in my car soon.
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Re: Channel Mismatch errors 14/10 & 15/10 xtl 5000 03 head

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If the display is showing "CH" mismatch it means the control heads are not programmed correctly. If the radio is set to show multiple heads then you have to go into the control head settings and set one head to be number 1 and the other to be number 2. If they are both 1 or 2 then you can get that error. Also check the radio programming to make sure it has the correct number of heads the radio expects to see attached to the radio. If the radio is set to two heads and you only plug in one then you can get an error and vice versa.
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