XTS 5000 Advance System Keys Error (programming)

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XTS 5000 Advance System Keys Error (programming)

Post by k4tdo »

I have about 20 VHF XTS 5000Rs my FD just bought used from a legit seller. I can not clone these radios or write the original Code Plug to them without getting an Advance System Key Error.
We do NOT use trunking so don't need it nor are we trying to listen to anyone else's system. I just need to be able to program them for Conventional only.

How do I get around the System Key Error?
CPS 20.01.00 bought legally.

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Re: XTS 5000 Advance System Keys Error (programming)

Post by FireCpt809 »

Have you tried to contact the seller? There is a way around it.. it involves a program from Motorola that is not depot. I am unsure if it is verboten to speak of here or not. But it will remove an ASK
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Re: XTS 5000 Advance System Keys Error (programming)

Post by JPOPatents »

Just a suggestion, but I would scream and yell at the seller because the ASK should have been removed prior to delivery. Any legit seller knows that an ASK locked radio is useless to 99% of buyers.
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