HT1250 AAH25KDF9AA5 & AAH25KDH9AA6 & code plug info

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HT1250 AAH25KDF9AA5 & AAH25KDH9AA6 & code plug info

Post by N9NU »


I have two 1250 (136-174) radios and when I read the code-plug from theAAH25KDH9AA6 model it returns with the following.

I refer to it here as the '6' model versus my other '5' model; the AAH25KDF9AA5

AAH25KDH9AA6 - This HAS a full keypad and 128 channels - NOT 16! - I guess it was modified somehow via hardware and/or software.

Serial: 749TLQA022
Firmware: R05.18.01

Code-plug Version: 04.01 - Latest: 04.01
Source: Factory - Latest: CPS

Programming Date:
Aug-2010 - Latest: 17-Aug-2022
Time: 00:00 - Latest: 22:12

Nothing unusual - works fine. Now here is my issue:

I saved the code-plug and wanted to upload that into the other HT1250 with the AAH25KDF9AA5 model number and it comes back with a version mismatch. Okay...I get it; however isn't there a way to work around this and allow it to accept the data from the '6' model into the '5' model ?? Is this a CPS version issue...I am using R06.12.05 - the last version which allows for 20/25KHz as well as 12.5

I know it's a codeplug and/or version issue with it. I only wish to do this as I have over 80 ARS & OEM frequencies in there and don't want to cut/paste, etc.

The one I want to dump that code-plug info to is the '6' model . Can't I just save it to disk and edit it to reflect the new one?

The OEM codeplug info for the '5' radio is:

Code-Plug Version OEM:
04.00 - Latest: 04.00 - The '6' model has the 04.01 version.

Firmware Version:
Unknown (I programmed the latest update 05.18.01) when I got that on years ago.
This one also has the full keypad & 128 channels.

Tnx Guys

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Re: HT1250 AAH25KDF9AA5 & AAH25KDH9AA6 & code plug info

Post by VE3TUH »

I believe you would have to use lab to reflash the model number of one of the radios to match the other one, before a clone could take place. Otherwise you are stuck cutting/pasting. Pretty sure. I know, pain in the butt.
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