Motorola RSS Pentium Compatibility Matrix

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Motorola RSS Pentium Compatibility Matrix

Post by wavetar »

No doubt one of the most asked computer questions on the board in regards to RSS is "will this computer with specs XYZ work with RSS XYZ"? A good starting place for information, especially if you're new to Motorola radio programming, is the programming guide on Batlabs:

Some of the information is a bit dated, as most of the newest RSS releases will work on much newer computers than the 286/386/486 machines recommended there. For those of you who don't wish to wait 5 minutes for an old 386 to validate an XTS3000 codeplug, Motorola has created a Pentium Compatibility Matrix as a guide for which updated RSS packages can be expected to work with newer computers.

RSS 486 Compatibility Matrix
The following is a list of RSS packages of interest. Those marked "Yes" are currently 486 compatible . Those marked “no” indicates no current plans to make this package compatible. When a package has been marked “Improved Beta Available”, that beta version can be obtained through Product Services.

***********See Akardam's post below for a much better view of the list**************
Last Update 6/03

Compatibility notes:
- Compatibility with fast computers is much more a function of clock speed than CPU type (486 vs Pentium).
- In many older RSS versions ('93 and earlier), additional compatibility problems were often caused if RAM caching was
turned on. This is not a problem with newer versions.
- Some RSS products have had problems communicating with the radio in computers which use the 16550 UART or
integrated versions of it. Motorola can provide a utility (COMMCHEK.EXE) to determine UART type and correct the
UART setup if necessary. These functions are being integrated into the RSS programs as they are updated, so longterm,
COMMCHEK.EXE will no longer be needed.
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Post by akardam »

Reformatted table for readability:

Code: Select all

32 x 8 Codeplug         RVN-4057C      Aug-91      No
Advance Securenet CIU   RVN-4085C      Jan-94      Yes
ASTRO Saber/Spectra     RVN-4100N      Apr-99 4Q99 Yes
ASTRO TAC 3000          RVN-4154H      2-Jul       Yes
BSC11                   RVN-4083A      Jul-90      No
C-200                   RVN-4171B      Dec-00      Yes
Centracom II Plus       RVN-4029K      Nov-96      Yes
CommandSTAR CSDM        TDN-9942A      Jan-96      Yes
CommandSTAR CSDM        TDN-9943A      Jan-96      Yes
CommandSTAR Lite CSDM   DDN-6136A      Jul-00      Yes
Comtegra                RVN-4149D      Jan-99      Yes
Comtegra Plus           RVN-4112E      Jan-99      Yes
Desk Trac Conventional  RVN-4079G      May-95      Yes, as of R03.04.00
DeskTrac Trunked        RVN-4093F      May-95      Yes, as of R03.04.00
DGT9000 Deskset         RVN-4091C      Jun-96      Yes, as of R01.00.11
GM300/GR300/500/400     HVN-8177F      Dec-94      Yes
GP300/GP350             HVN-9128D      Feb-97      Yes
GTX                     RVN-4150E      Mar-99      Yes
HT10                    RVN-4047A      Nov-88      Yes (?)
HT1000 &                RVN-4098H      May-98      Yes
  VISAR Conventional
HT50                    RVN-4021C      Oct-89      No (Use HVN9262)
HT600                   RVN-4005G      Mar-94      Yes
LCS/LTS2000             RVN-4156K      May-99      Yes
M100/M200               HVN-9173J                  Yes
M400                    HVN-9774E                  Yes
Maratrac                RVN-4023G      Jul-98      Yes
Maxtrac Conventional    RVN-4019K      Jan-98      Yes
Maxtrac Trunked, Duplex RVN-4043P      Mar-97      Yes
MaxTrac•LS              RVN-4139C      Jan-98      Yes
MCS2000                 RVN-4113G      Feb-99      Yes
MCX 1000                RVN-4011B      Oct-90      No
MCX 1000 Marine         RVN-4063A      Jun-89      No
Mostar Conventional     RVN-4037A                  No (NLA)
Mostar/Traxar Trunked   RVN-4059C      Aug-91      No
MRTI2000                RVN4140C       Feb-99      Yes
MSF5000 Digital         RVN-4077G      Feb-95      Yes
MSF5000/PURC/Analog     RVN-4025A      Feb-88      Yes (?)
MT1000                  RVN-4017J      Aug-94      Yes
MTSX                    RVN-4097N      Feb-99      Yes
MTX800 & 800S           RVN-4013K      Jan-98      Yes
MTX810                  RVN-4065H      Jan-98      Yes
MTX820/820S/888/888S    RVN-4081F      Jan-98      Yes
MTX900                  RVN-4033J      Jan-98      Yes
MTX900S                 RVN-4055H      Jan-98      Yes
MTX•LS                  RVN-4138B      Jun-96      Yes
MX 800                  RVN-4073B      Oct-90      No
P100/HT50               HVN-9175D                  Yes
P110                    HVN-9852J      Apr-96      Yes
P200 Use RVN4005 (U/V)  HVN-9262D                  Yes
         RVN4017 (LB)      
P50+                    HVN-9395D                  Yes
P500                    HVN-9941B      Jan-98      Yes
PP1000/500              RVN-4061C      Aug-91      No
Quantar/Quantro         RVN-5002AF                 Yes
Saber                   RVN-4002K      Nov-93      Yes
Saber SI                RVN-4111A                  Yes
SM50/SM120              HVN-9007C      Apr-96      Yes
Smart Status            RVN-4039B      Aug-91      No
SP50                    HVN-9012C      Apr-96      Yes
Spectra & Spectra-E     RVN-4001N      Jul-93      Yes
Spectra Railroad        RVN-4099B      Jul-95      Yes
Station Access Module   RVN-4110A      Mar-93      Yes
STX                     RVN-4049E      Jan-93      No (Corrected)
STX Transit             RVN-4089A      Jan-91      No
Syntor-X 9000           RVN-4007E      Aug-94      Yes
Syntor-X 9000 Dual      RVN-4102A      May-92      No
Syntor-X Trunked        RVN-4069A      Nov-90      No
System 9000E            RVN-4009F      May-92      No
Systems Saber           RVN-4051F      Dec-93      Yes
T5600/T5620 Console     RVN-4075D      Dec-92      No
VISAR Privacy Plus      RVN-4123G      Jan-97      Yes
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Post by wavetar »

Moved a few recent threads from General to here, let's people know the type of questions this forum is meant for.

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Post by newmoto »

What process do you have to go through to aquire this utility? Just wondering if it will help my System Saber programming problems. Thank you.
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Re: Motorola RSS Pentium Compatibility Matrix

Post by smokeybehr »

I've tried the Systems Saber RSS (version D) on a P2, and it won't run (runtime error). I ran it on the trusty old 286-10 that runs everything, and it works just fine.

The good news with most all of the RSS is that if you can get it to run on a faster machine, you can at least edit it on that machine, and use the print feature. I've tried this with most all of the RSS that I have, and most all of those will run on everything, but may not print to your winprinter.

Don't forget to save the unedited and edited codeplugs to the faster machine, and save the edited codeplug to a transportable medium like a floppy.
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