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Post by scvfd1204 »

It is always heartbreaking when someone you know so well, and yet not so well is such a part of your life and they leave us. :cry:

I have spoken with Monty countless times, and he was always cheerful, and willing to help me with something. I also got a few good laughs from some of his posts. His knowledge, abilities and advice will be sorely missed on this board.

I hope we have all learned something from Monty, as no one will ever be able to be an exact replacement for him. As a matter of fact, I told him a while back that once all of the older Motorola people leave us, it will be harder and harder to find those that know as much, especially when it comes to "old school" moto.

I did happen to notice one of my Motos going completely crazy late last night, and for no reason it completely cleared up and is working fine. I think it is a weird coincidence, since Monety helped me get this radio back up and running after "someone" had tried to hack it, and it was basically a paperweight. Perhaps it was "his" way of telling me goodbye.

Thanks for all of your help Monty, and we will never forget you, and the things you have helped us all with on this board.

Now everyone, we should think of a way to pay tribute to a wonderful man. Perhaps we should all send out a stream of MDC1200 all together at a certain time or something. Just an idea.

Take care!

Surf City NC
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Post by kb9rre »

well i cant say anymore than has already been said. i just hope the family finds comfort in ALMIGHTY GOD THRU HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.
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Post by firecomm »

I didn't know Monty personally, but like a lot of other people here on the board, I agree that his knowledge and personality was well known, literally around the globe.

He will be sadly missed by all, thoughts & prayers go out to his family and friends.
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Post by Flametamer »

My thoughts and prayers are with Montys family. I rememeber him as a respected member of this board that wouldn't hesitate helping or taking a picture to clarify a question. He was very talented at explaining things and you could tell he was very experienced.

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Post by gtl7001 »

Monty we will miss your kind and gentle guidance. May you find peace and happiness at the next step. Good blessings and prayers to his family at this most difficult time.
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Sad nwes

Post by t95mwp »

My condolence to the family,Monty was great man to deal with w/o any problems ever.We all going to miss you.

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Post by w9zro »

wow, what A sad day indeed
he was the best! ALWAYS there to lend a hand even on the stupid questions at 3 AM

GOD bless the Sisco family

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by alex »

I have posted Monty's address in the first post in this thread with the permission of his wife.

If you would like to send cards and such, it is more than welcome.

I will post more updates as I get them.

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Post by txshooter »

I have had dealings with Monty on several occassions. He has always been a pleasure to deal with. I remember late night I was having some serious issues with some work related equipment. Monty was glad to help walk me through the problem. He will be missed by many in this community. Our prayers go out to his family in this time of need.
Scott B.
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Post by Quadrasound »

Our wishes and condolances go out to Monty's family.
...May brother Monty rest easy....

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Post by Station House Products »

alex wrote:I have posted Monty's address in the first post in this thread with the permission of his wife.

If you would like to send cards and such, it is more than welcome.

I will post more updates as I get them.


Hey Alex, is there a favorite charity of Monty's that maybe donations in his memory could be made to? Flowers are here and gone, but if some money could help a cause that he believed in, than maybe this would be a more fitting way to memorialize him. Just a thought.
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Post by alex »

Station House Products wrote:
alex wrote:I have posted Monty's address in the first post in this thread with the permission of his wife.

If you would like to send cards and such, it is more than welcome.

I will post more updates as I get them.


Hey Alex, is there a favorite charity of Monty's that maybe donations in his memory could be made to? Flowers are here and gone, but if some money could help a cause that he believed in, than maybe this would be a more fitting way to memorialize him. Just a thought.
I spoke with his wife yesterday, his family is largly in shock right now, I'd like to give it a week or two for things to settle down there before I call back and approach his family about that idea.

I sent the family a huge order of flowers, from the board as a whole. I'll post details on it later, as it should get there today, and it would be nicer if they got them before they read about it.

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Post by ro »

I can't believe Monty is gone.
Monty, thank you for your friendship. Thank you that you were always there when we needed you. I am glad that I had the pleasure of knowing you. You were a fine person. We will miss you Monty.

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Post by Chato »

Rest in Peace Monty Sisco. :cry:

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Post by k4wtf »

On the topic of making a donation, this might sound strange and all but, I think I would be more inclined to send something to the family. They just lost not only a loved one but a breadwinner.

Just a thought,

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Post by vcaruso »

Wow Im speechless.

Its amazing how we take for granted that something like this can happen.

Monty will be missed.
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Post by mfred »

I knew something was wrong when I didn’t get a response back from several emails I sent Monty earlier this week. It wasn’t like him to leave me hanging. Monty had last emailed me Sunday night at 10:57pm (EST). He was working on a problem of mine and he had gone out of his way to help me out. I just received an email from Monty’s son Ken, notifying me of Monty’s passing. I had to read it several times for it to sink in. I never had the pleasure of meeting Monty Sisco in person, but I know from the times I had talked to him and the emails we sent back in forth, he will be missed by many.

Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Monty Sisco...

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Rest In Peace, My Friend...

Post by Woody_99 »

Wow... Just found out and I'm speechless...? I really don't know what to say other than the email I sent just now:
Hello, I'm sorry I do not know you, but I just found out what has happened. I'm totally in shock and really don't know what to say....? I've known Monty as a voice on the phone for a few years, but never had the opportunity to meet or even see him. I thought very highly of him.

I have prayed for Monty and his spirit, as I am now praying for you, his family, that your pain be eased and your troubles few.
God bless you all, may He keep you and comfort you, and I don't know if there is anything I can do to help, but if so, please feel free to ask.

Please search Monty's email for any pending deals or services with or and simply delete them, I am owed nothing.

Give your troubles over to the Lord and He will give you peace.

Kindest and most respectful sympathies,
Randy Belcher


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Post by alex »

I got an email back from Ken (Monty's son today). He said thankyou for the flowers that I sent on behalf of everyone here - as well as:
please if you could let people on batlabs know that we are grateful for their words and cards they have sent.

thanks again
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Post by Radiogeek97 »


i just wanted to express my heart felt smphathy for your TREMENDOUS loss. Loosing a father and a loved one is a horror that i can't imagine. From the bottom of my heart i wish your family the utmost best possible outcome to such a trajedy. I had several email chats with Monty just recently and I must say that he treated me a total stranger like a freind. His emails were personal helpful and genuine, and i was really taken aback by how kind he was to me. I can only imagine how he must have been to those he loved you folks were blessed. My depest sympathy to the entire family
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monty's passing...

Post by giguchan »

I am so sorry to hear about monty's passing...I was probally the last person to have dealings with him,But let me say that every step of the way he went out of the way to explain everything to me and to let me know that he would be there for me if i screwed up anything.
God Bless him and his family...
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Post by Victor Xray »

Couple of folks have asked if they can share my new avatar. At least one has already started using it without asking - but that's ok.

The answer is "yes" feel free to use this avatar if you'd like. Or ideally, I'd like to see other unique avatars that pay homage to him.

Monty Sisco will always be part of this board.
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Post by KitN1MCC »

It is just Sad to see a great man pass like him

i have had dealings witn monty even before bat labs on the ond news groups he was all ways helping ppl out i have sent him items in the past like some fried maxtracs to practice solder on and i have purchased cables and other thing from here top Quility

he also sne me an e-mail with pics of his crazy cats
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Post by n1pj »

It is sad to see him go. Monty has helped me on a few occasions with questions about my sabers and programming. He will surely be missed on the board, RIP Monty.
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Post by dvpman »

What a shock to hear that Monty has passed away. the board and the radio community has lost a great person. I have delt with Monty many times and like everyone on the board have only good things to say about him and the way he conducted all his business transactions.

RIP Monty.

Michael in Canada
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Post by olderookie »

A yagi pointed skyward so Monty can hear all of us morning his loss. Gods now in the company of one of the greatest radio technicians. He squared me away more than once.
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Post by Renamon »

Man, I leave the board for a month and I come back to this!?! Geez, what a shame........miss you man.
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God Bless

Post by Rick Rock »

He was definitely one who was more than willing to help out even the newbies, even giving parts away to help out.

You will be in my heart always, Monty. :cry:
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Monty you will be missed.

Post by wm4t »

This is a shock, and I will, as many others miss Monty's postings, a great service here and all the private emails of support and help. I feel I have personally lost a nice friend I never met in person but many emails I have received from him make him my friend. Goodbye Monty!


I hope someone that knew him personally and have met him will post here to let us know more about our friend.
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Post by willbartlett »

Wow, I had checked out of the batboard for a few weeks due to work and family stuff, and just heard this from a fellow batlabber on the radio tonight on the way home. Truly sad.

Not that anything I add will increase anyones opinion of the man, But I will say that Monty exemplified everything I wanted to be when I did 2-way repair. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes down to being part of, and contributing selflessly to a community, he set the gold standard.

Rest well.....

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Post by nitornemo »

willbartlett wrote:Wow, I had checked out of the batboard for a few weeks due to work and family stuff, and just heard this from a fellow batlabber on the radio tonight on the way home. Truly sad.

I'm the same way. I might check the odd forum on a whim but only once in a while do I read all.

I read this post this morning and was so floored by the news I didn't even reply or post my thoughts.

All I can say is losing Monty feels like I just lost a finger from my right hand. This board goes on with time but will never be the same without Him.
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Post by dal »

I hardly knew the man, but he was the most helpful person I ever met online. Period. His work was of the highest class. I am very sad to hear this news.
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Post by chipjumper »


Absolutely shocking.

I just found out. I was wondering why I saw that "In memory of Monty" icon....I have been browsing for days and never noticed it. Teacher always told me that I "see the forest but not the trees".

I just had to search and read his last post which was about and hour before. Looks like he was doing some admin work. Reminds me of my grandfather who was doing his job up until....

Just speachless...should have a batlabbers remembered page
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Post by Bat Wing »

Wow, what can I say that hasn't been said already...

Just got back and found out about this unfortunately tragedy.

My deepest sympathies from everyone here on our end go out to his family and loved ones.

I have been in contact with Monty almost from the beginning of this whole project, and his contributions have been invaluable.

He was a very selfless person, always willing to go well above what was required of him to make sure that his customers and everyone else around him were well taken care of.

Not only will he be missed first and foremost by his loved ones, but our community too has lost a very knowledgable and valuable resource.

The only good thing we can take from this is knowing that wherever he is now, we all know that he is helping someone else out.

Again, he will be dearly missed by all those lives he has touched, and collectively our thoughs and prayers are with his family in this time of their greatest need.


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re: Monty Sisco

Post by Deanna »

Monty was just plain good people, and his passing a loss to
all of us who knew and appreciated him, his knowledge, and
all... Heck of a great guy!

Deanna 8)
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Post by jackhackett »

Somehow I missed this until today, very sorry to hear about Monty's passing, condolensces to his family.
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Post by nmfire10 »

Bat Wing wrote: The only good thing we can take from this is knowing that wherever he is now, we all know that he is helping someone else out.
Heh, when you said that, I thought of something that made me chuckle....

"Monty, I keep getting errors trying to program this radio I bought off eBay. I can't communicate with the pearly gates from my office without it! What is wrong??"

"Well God, the first thing you need is a really slow computer, a genuine /\/\ RIB, and some /\/\ or quality custom made cables...."
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Post by JohnDo »

May you rest in peace Monty

My condolences to the Monty's family and freinds.

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Post by cranbiz »

I'm like everyone else, in shock.

Leave the board for a while and then come back to find out that one of the finest people on earth has passed on.

Monty, You will be missed, my condolences to your family.

Monty had bailed me out of several jams of my own making, always willing to help anyone.

Rest in peace, Monty.

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Post by bud_mot »

Monty was a truly good man. The real deal. It's a shame to hear of his passing. Rest in peace.
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Post by MT2000 man »

Wow, I leave the board for a few months, and I was in shock when I came back. I had several deals with Monty, I would IM him several times a month just chatting about radios. A GREAT all-around person. He has helped me on several problems, and was always 100% correct. He will be deeply missed.

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Post by werdnuts »

What to say. I was away from the board for a while, only to come back to this. How sad.

After reading the previous 3 pages of comments, there is little to be said. I can say I wholeheartedly agree with everything said here. Monty was good people. He will truly be missed.

If one knew Monty just by reading the posts in this thread, they could only conclude that the was a generous and great man.

I wish my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.


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I miss you monty,

Post by SOC »

I have been off the board for awhile and was shocked when i had surfed the messages today and learned the passing on of our dear friend Monty, All my thoughts and griefs go out to the family and the rest of the board.Monty taught me everything i know today about two-way communications, for the last 4 years ive been in communication with him hes been more then a business partner, hes been a friend and almost as a dad to me. Rest In Peace Monty, God Be With You For Here On Out.

Always in Love
Andy Lore
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Thanks and God Bless

Post by TheIronMan »

My last post from a week ago here somehow disappeared. So here it is again:

I was SHOCKED to see this news just as everyone else. I returned from being out-of-state to find this. There's nothing more I can say that all the great people here haven't already said about this fantastic individual.

I would say we should nominate him for some sort of volunteer award to honor his memory and make sure that EVERYONE knows just what kind of person he was and his selfless efforts to help us. I'm sure somewhere there's a tech or professional organization that recognizes such people. I dunno. Perhaps /\/\ could name a building, training center, or something in his memory if enough of us petition perhaps?

I dealt with /\/\onty on a few occassions. All I can say is that if people were more like Monty, the world would be a better place....really. We'd all have deals for each other! ;-)

As a message to Monty's family-- Katherine, Candice, Ken, Daniel, Lucille, and John:

Monty filled a certain part of all our lives and without him now, we feel an certain emptiness as well. At least, I do. Monty was someone I knew I could count on everytime I got on-line here at Batlabs or when I had an issue with my /\/\ equipment.... Sort of like what Cronkite was to TV news. I could depend on Monty to give me the scoop or at least spin me in the right direction with no hassles or BS, period.

I know to you, his family, he was a husband, father, brother, and son. To us he was a friend, a voice, a mentor, and in most cases a savior. In my opinon, he was representative to what defines real integrity and character.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Godbless you all.

Rest well Monty Wayne Sisco, we'll miss you.
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Post by Robert HT220 »

I haven't been on the boards in a long time due to family problems, and I had no idea this happened. Monty was a great guy and I'm sure he will be missed by everyone on the boards. :cry: Rest in Peace man.
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Post by Prospect62 »

My apologies for being absent from this board for so long. Sad to see this news upon my return. Monty was truly one of the classiest people here, and gave freely of his knowledge as if it were his job. Thank you for everything Monty, God bless you.

Daniel Buley
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Post by 963Expert »

I've been on the road at work and haven't checked in, in quite some time and missed this. Monty was one of the first members of this forum that I met here. We shared many, many interests and explored several ideas together. This was a very sad day, I wish I would have known about this sooner.

A great man has passed on, the world is a lessor place.

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Oh my God!

Post by w7com »

I've been off the board for a while and I ran across a post that had the line "the late Monty" and I just stopped. I went back and found the awful news.

I only had a few dealings with Monty but each time he would send something special along with my order.. maybe an extra conector cover or antenna.. once it was a set of Motorola service patches for a work jacket. I will always treasure the hand made cables that I bought from him for now I could never part with them. His actions and words on and off this board showed that he was one of the few that really understood what life was about. I will miss him.

So, the next time you feel the need to flame here... just ask, "What would Monty do?" There are not many better examples to follow.

Peace be with his soul.

-Joe Hamelin, Tulalip, WA
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Post by bulletproof-791 »

sorry for your loss and my god be you your and you family
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Post by /\/\oto /\/\edic »


You truely did help with big and small things. You taught me a lot and spent time and energy working with me. I really appreciate everything you did for me and everyone else. You will be missed!

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