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Post by 007 »

Truly a sad day. I was looking forward to meeting him next year after I relocated to the left coast, but I guess that meeting will have to wait.

A great man and resource like Monty will never be replaced in his family or this family.

Be good, Monty.
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Post by jim »

My condolences go out to the Sisco family. He was a great man that will be missed dearly.

Don't worry Monty...I'll make sure to keep drilling it into everyones head about using only factory RIBs and a 10 MHz, stable platform!
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JOHN 1807
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Post by JOHN 1807 »

My Sincerest condolences to Montys family both at home and here on the board.

Monty was one of the first people here to answer some of my very first posts, He never judged my dumb newbie questions- He simply gave me good answers and great advice.

I never personally "met" Monty as others were fortunate enough to have, But I always sensed that beyond the his great skills as a true technichian, He was a kind Gentleman.

I will miss not only learning from reading his posts , but miss his "presense" as well.

As a Paramedic I must view these unfortunate things with some kind of "lightheartedness" (if anyone can understand that)
And all I can say is : Communications in heaven will never run smoother!

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Post by k4wtf »

I am shocked at the sudden loss of such a great man. I just sent the following in AIM to Monty (still logged on - God must have broadband!) - hopefully the family will see it there or here.

Code: Select all

I can not begin to express how deeply saddened I am by the passing of Monty.  I considered him a friend.  We spoke for hours on the telephone one day about everything from radios to racecars.  Please know that you are in my prayers.  God Bless, - John Fraizer, Gahanna, Oh
Semper Fi Monty!

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Post by 52eddie »

It is a sad day indeed! I had just spoken to him a few days ago and was waiting for his response.... :( He was definately a big loss to the community.

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Post by MattSR »

I had only recently made acquaintance with Monty as well... In fact I was wondering why he wasn't responding to PM/emails as it was quite out of character for him to not reply within 15 mins of asking him for help.

RIP Monty.
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Post by RESCUE161 »

I can not express my feelings right now. I guess you just never imagine things like this will ever happen. It's almost like I feel cheated because I never got to meet him. I did have a few dealings with him and we talked on the phone for a couple of hours trying to figure out a radio problem. He was a great man that would help out any way he could. I just want the Sisco family to know that my thoughts and prayers are with them in this terrible time.

Semper Fi Monty, I will miss you.

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Post by mr.syntrx »

I was pretty shocked to see the news of this unfortunate event. Monty's family and the radio community lost a really great bloke.

My condolences to Monty's friends and family. It's a terrible shame it's always the greatest guys like himself who have to go.
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Post by NodrogCop »

I, too, am in shock.

Monty helped me as well on several occasions with what turned out to be minor errors on my part. No picking on the new guy, just gentle advice to get it fixed.

I agree wholeheartedly with digging into the server fund to send's the very least we can do.

From the family here...Godspeed, Monty. You deserve it.

To his family - my most heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

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Post by OX »

Monty, it's hard to see you go, but I know that you're in a better place. It has been a pleasure talking with you over the years. You will be sadly missed!

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Post by Jay »

No one here will take Monty's place. Even though I am all the way on the east coast, myself and others used Monty as a resource for equipment and of course his knowledge.

Tony Soprano
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Post by Tony Soprano »

Well, s--t. What else can I say. Terrible. This community just got a lot smaller.

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Post by medic4145 »

Shock is the only work I can come up with. RIP and I hope everyone keeps his family in thier thoughts. Monty helped me on several occasions. I also had purchased many good quality cables and products from him. He will be missed.

God bless,

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Post by va3wxm »

I was very shocked to hear about Monty's passing. I did business with him once and right off I knew he was a solid individual. He promoted the fundamentals of radios and programming. His back-to-basics approach was a refreshing change.

It truly is a sad for Batlabs and the /\/\ family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Sisco family.
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Post by ASTRO_25 »

Monty and I did a lot of business back even during the days of And Monty epitomized outstanding customer service. His death is an unbelievable loss for our community.

I hope the Sisco family realizes how many people he has positively impacted in his life.
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Post by Max-trac »

Got lots of great info from him.
He will live on in the lives he has changed.
And the ether too!! ....on 464.??? MHz?
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Post by motastro1 »

A great loss indeed.He was always there to help with the craziest radio problems people had.Deepest sympathy to the family,he will be greatly missed.
EKLB per his request
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Post by EKLB »

Im truely saddened and extend my personal codolences to the family and friends.

Monty has been a great assett to this bd and to many other situations as well im sure.

He will be greatly missed .

As a tribute he will be rembered by the posts he has given us to look back upon for future help.

EKLB :cry:
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Post by Batman »

All I have to say is i almost fell out of my chair 7am this morning when i opened my browser to batboard and find the message that monty passed away. I didn't really know the man but enjoyed reading his posts. I will miss seeing his monthly speech on the proper programming platform and i think we should dig that article up and put it somewhere perminately. I think he has covered just about every topic about programming, repairing, and modding moto radios.

God Bless
Thank You,

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Post by wb0qqk »

Words fail me at the moment.
My deepest sympathy.
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Post by rmi2065 »

A kind man, who will be dearly missed. My thoughts and prayers to his family.
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Post by alex »

For everyone following this thread:

I'm working on making arrangments to send something to the family (flowers, card, etc).

I have asked Jon to free up some of the server fund money that has accumulated up until this point to cover the cost of this.

As soon as I get address and other information from his family, I'll post it, as well as what action was taken on our behalf with the money.

I thank everyone for their kind words, as I am still in a bit of shock over this. If you happened to know Monty on a personal level, I'd like you to PM me so I can ask you some information about him.

Thanks everyone for their support.

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Post by bernie »

My two bits worth:

I had hoped to meet Monty one day.
By his posts I knew that he was an old timer that knew the business.

I will miss him.
Aloha, Bernie
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Post by wavetar »

I am only finding this out now, since I tend to skip over the 'sticky' posts.

I suppose shock is the proper word for what I feel, along with great sadness. Monty truly wanted to help people, and expected nothing in return. My heart goes out to his friends & family.

He left very large shoes to fill in many aspects of this board.

Rest in Peace, Monty.

No trees were harmed in the posting of this message...however an extraordinarily large number of electrons were horribly inconvenienced.

Welcome to the /\/\achine.
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Post by kmoose »


I know that this is a bit corny, but maybe we can rename the "General Radio Discussion" forum the "Monty Sisco General Radio Discussion" forum? Not much of a tribute, considering everything that Monty did for all of us here, but it would at least be a reminder to all of us here, just what we should strive to be.
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Post by fire_master_21 »

Not to hijack this thread but I am with kmoose on this. I have sent a PM to alex and Jaymz last night as they were the only Admin's and mod's on at that time. Monty helped out so many people on this board I think it is only fitting. Monty many your wisdom live on within this board.
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Post by VA3XDJ »

Although I didn't know Monty as well as some of the board members and also have not been a member of the board for long I am also saddened to hear that such a nice and respected person of the board is no longer with us.

He was a very valued member of the board and a wealth of information regarding Motorola radios and their inner workings and will be deeply missed.

My respects and condoleances go to his family and friends.

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Rest in peace MONTY.............

Post by M3SGC »

I have conversed with you once Monty (09/08/04) and it was because you where trying to help me, even though I live "across the pond". A true demonstration of one fellow man helping another. I obviously missed out by not knowing you personally Monty but I have the measure of you and pray for you and your family, Good night and God Bless.

Neil Duggan M3SGC

Doncaster UK
With thanks.....Neil.....M3SGC
and now also 2E0EJS
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Post by Wes »

In tribute to Monty......

Condolences and Prayers to the Sisco family.

What can be said.....He will be greatly missed.

I appreciate the times he helped me out.

May the legacy he brought to this board live forever......

Wes Hutchens
911 Telecommunicator/2-Way Sales & Service
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Tom in D.C.
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Monty Sisco...

Post by Tom in D.C. »

I will especially miss Monty's cool, level-headed approach when things got "hot'" on the Board. He was always able to cool things off with his thoughtful comments.

And, lest the comment go unmade, he was a true gentleman.

Like the rest of you, I shall really miss him.
Tom in D.C.
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Post by FFParamedic571 »

Its truly a shame to loose such a good person who was knowlegeable and well respected in the two way community

God bless
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Post by CTAMontrose »

you know he is up there helping God fix his motorolas:

"here is your problem, its a clone rib and an ebay cable, let me make you one, and im sure ive got a motorola rib around here for ya"

thanks again for everything Monty!
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Post by phrawg »

Just found out about the loss of Monty.
I can't even come up with words right now.
My condolences to the Sisco family and
Our prayers and thoughts will be with you
through this time of loss. Dick W. aka Phrawg
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Post by spareparts »

What can I say? - I'll miss him and all the good things he brought to the board & rest of the world.

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Post by alf2109 »

Rest in Peace Monty,

My thoughts and prayers are with his family. . . .

Thanks Monty for the help you provided me.
Lord Windeshmere
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Post by Lord Windeshmere »

Wow. I was literally about to find Monty's email addy here for a buddy in need of prog'ing cables when I see this news/thread. Geez, I can't believe it. Well, I've never had business dealings with Monty but he has PM and emailed me in the past with radio help. Man, I feel like we've lost a brother in the trenches. Well, God Bless, Monty. You will be missed. My prayers are with you and your family.
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Post by TomSlick »

There are no words to express my sadness at hearing this news. Monty was such an integral part of this community... Such a wealth of knowledge and experience, and an endless willingness to help others...
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Post by KuhnElectronics »

Thoughts, Prayers, and deepest sympathy goes to Monty's family...

The numerous times he has helped me out, and never expected anything in return...

I never met the man in person, but one of the nicest and kindest guys I have talked to...

Monty had a way with 2-way, and it was always the RIGHT way....I cant remember all the times when I would be working on a project and just before I would skimp on quality I would ask myself "What would Monty say if he saw this?" or "How would Monty do it?"...

All of us here valued his work so much...And he will be missed..

Rest in peace sir....


Nicholas Kuhn
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Post by mtr12222 »

My deepest condolences to the Sisco family. While I didn't know Monty other than through his posts he was surely one of the "good guys" out there. I hope his family finds some comfort in knowing how much he will be missed by many many people. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Maybe the admin can designate an additonal Paypal acct. for collecting a little something for his famliy.
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Post by 911radio »

Very sad news indeed. Monty was such an incredible wealth of knowledge. He assisted me in several technical matters over the years. What a tremendous help he was. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult and painful time for them.

I think it would be a nice gesture to have a moment of radio silence in his honor.

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Post by xmo »

As we begin to recover from the shock of losing a friend - perhaps we can all try to carry part of him within ourselves by emulating the fine traits Monty showed. Fair treatment of others, honest business practices, quality workmanship, and helping others.

The photos that Monty posted were always outstanding - showcasing exemplary construction practices in the programming and RF cables he created. Perhaps sometime as we takle a project - we can think of those and consider for a moment "how would Monty have done this?"

No man can know the number of his days but the legacy we leave behind is the way we touch the lives of others - well done Monty - thanks for being an example to us...
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Post by kf4sqb »

Talk about shock! The Batboard is set to my homepage, so when I open my browser, there is the news in front of me that Monty has passed on! If a person gets to Heaven by his deeds instead of his words, then Monty is surely there at this moment, and I hope he has an internet connection there so he can see how well respected he is, and how badly he will be missed. My deepest sympathies to the Sisco family, as well as Monty's extended (Batlabs) family. We'll miss you, Monty! :cry:

BTW, I have to agree with two earlier posts, rename the General Radio Discussion forum in his honor.

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Post by Mikey »

My heart goes out for the Sisco Family, I will never forget how Monty PM'd me and Helped me out on my very First Motorola question. The Board will never find a more Knowlegeable man. God Bless you Monty

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Post by williamh »

monty , we will all miss you ..

god bless.

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Post by kg6bki »

My Thoughts and Prayers are with his Family..This is definatly a hugh shocker to me and...yea me :( Monty has always been there for me in the middle of the night on AOl here In San Jose California and I would im him at 1-2-3-4am in the morning and he would always anwser me..I already have experienced to many deaths of close people and this is another one that makes me even more sad..But im sure he and his family would like us to remember him for who he was and what he is..I know he is looking down on all of us and I know one day I will see that awsome guy up there...soaring like a eagle..high above the clouds and above the storms looking down at us...I can type no more as I try to hold back my tears..I Will truely miss him..Forever :(

Brian Goldberg
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Post by JustinMoon205 »

What a shocker. All of us are so fragile and vunerable. That is why we should all live each day to the fullest.

Monty was a wonderful man. Always quick with a helping hand, advise, or suggestions. And he never expected anything in return. We have lost a very valueable asset to the board, the radio community, and to each of us who has ever personally dealt with him.

He will surely be missed. I hope that each of us will remember him, and his kind will, when dealing with others. And I know that we will all remember his advice, and help, and technical know how. Monty will forever live on in the memories of so many here on the board thru his many posts that offered so much to all of us.

To the family, my most sincere condolences. You will be in my prayers.
Archbishop, Church of /\/\otorola.
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Post by k4wtf »

Monty and I were in the midst of migrating his website from its current (past?) home to my network but, for those of you who are interested: will live on... at least as long as I have anything to say about it!

PS: There is a LOT of stuff... You just need to know where to look. ;)

Semper Fi Monty!

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Post by n9upc »

What can I say that someone has not said already.

I only knew Monty through the board here and only through posts or threads he would add to when he could provide information.

It would be a great understatement if one was to say that he knew somethings. Monty knew his stuff and new it well and was willing to share and pass on his great knowledge of radios and technical information.

To me Monty was a man that would watch over everyone and be that voice of reasoning or understanding when issues would reach a deadlock, or someone needed help.

He was a man that was very fair and just in all of his dealings and would never put down a person, but offer assistance whenever he could.

In my opinion it would be fair to say that Monty was one of the last great two-way radio technicians. I know that his knowledge and guidance will be missed by not only myself but others here also.

God Speed to Monty, and many thoughts and prayers to the family.
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Post by TomSlick »

I searched back through the forums, and found Monty's response to my posting on the loss of my son in May of 2003. Here is what he wrote, and I can think of no more appropiate message to send to his his loved ones:

"Our thoughts are trully with you.

Loss of a loved one is real tough, and only hope
and prayer will help heal emotional scars.

Again, our thoughts are with you......."
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Post by 440roadrunner »

As a newcomer, I never really met the man, but it's obvious he was, and had, a positive influence.

Delar, W7DJM
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