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Batboard Upgrade

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Welcome to the new upgraded forum!

There are a ton of new features - some of which I'm sure we will use, some of which we probably won't. Regarldess, it is going to take everyone some time to figure out all of the in's and out's of the system, and how it works. This includes the admin and moderator staff, so don't feel left out.

What can you expect that has changed?

- We have a better way of tracking information, bannings, complaints, and other sorts of fun stuff that was much harder to do before.
- You can now have a friend or foe list - I believe if you put someone under one of your "foe's" it will hide their posts. So if you really hate what someone has to say, well, you can finally REALLY ignore them...
- Attachments - however, until more testing happens, this feature will be disabled for "obvious" reasons. I plan on enabling it for attaching images to posts, since frequently people who sell stuff would like to include photo's and other such stuff. Additionally, the occasional what is this post will now be able to have images attached.
- There are now "sub forums" where I can create another forum, under a forum. For example, I have put a Positive and Negitve feedback forum under for sale feedback. This should help keep things better organized.
- You can send private messages to multiple people at once. We'll see how often that gets abused.

Plus more. If you really are curious about everything, feel free to read up at

Important notes

- Knowledge base has not been upgraded yet to version 3. We are working diligently to quickly port this over in to a new format using subforum stuff. IN the mean time, I will probably bring a link online sometime this week which will get everyone access to the data stored in there. Everything will be copied over, don't worry about having to re-enter the data.

- BatBlack - I know there was a big uproar when people saw the forum and were like, um, it's not black anymore from when we went from 1.4.x to 2.x. That hasn't been re-created yet, however, Akardam is working diligently on building and testing one for the masses. Until then, there are two templates you can choose from. Following this link Will take you to the page to change it. Changing it to SubSilver2 from ProSilver will bring it back to the older style - but still not darker. I encourage you to try the new format... why not?

- Board Registrations: Currently, they are disabled. I need to figure out a couple of group things in order to enable them, and assign new users the right permissions. In the future, they will be put on moderated status, their posts will not be seen until a moderator approves them. Once the person becomes a more active contributor, then either a mod or admin will be able to upgrade their status.

- Moderators have more permissions and control than before. They may be able to help you with a problem quicker than an admin can. They also can temporarily and permanently ban users. Be good :)

- The Batlabs Batboard logo isn't up yet. We are still learning the templating and how it interacts with the database. It's not as simple as changing the image around. That should be corrected sometime this week.

That's all I have off the top of my head. Again, if you have questions, feel free to bug any of us, and we'll try and help. Keep in mind - we are as new to this as you are, so if it takes a bit for someone to address your question, just hold your water.

Also - a big thanks to Akardam - he's been helping move a lot of the data and do some testing with me this weekend, as well as working on the Batblack theme. Thanks a lot for your help!

Enjoy the "newer" forum.

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