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For Sale Feedback Forum

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As some of you have noticed - there are now to sub forums - one for positive, and one for negative feedback.

Originally the board had one, which was for general, and everything was dumped in there. When we upgraded to the newer forum software we created two other forums in order to better organize it and help people find deadbeats faster.

With this, we have left the "general" one open for some time. Come January 1, 2008, we will shut down that forum, and lock it. We will keep it online so that it is easy to search for deal history, as there is both positive and negative feedback in there.

From this point on, please try and leave your feedback in the appropriate negative or positive sub forums. If you post in the wrong one, simply report the post, and ask it to be moved.

After the 1st, you may see a LOCK icon next to the Feedback forum. This doesn't mean that the two sub forums are locked.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

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