RSSI on Connect Plus

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RSSI on Connect Plus

Post by tdats »

Anyone know of a way to get RSSI to display on a radio on a connect plus system? We are starting coverage testing of a new system, and for the portable radio testing in buildings I don't really want to lug around a laptop running the RSSI tools on it if I don't have to. From what I am finding, it seems that you can not get it to display in connect plus, but you can in every other flavor of trbo. An XPR6550 is my test radio at the moment if it makes a difference.
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Re: RSSI on Connect Plus

Post by com501 »

RSSI display commands are not available in the option board zones according to Motorola. The key function is not mapped.

We ended up putting each site and each slot into a separate zone with Rptr 1-1, Rptr 1-2, Rptr 2-1, etc, and then using the control channel for the RSSI. All you need obviously is to put in Slot 1 of each of your control channel repeaters, but we put all the channels in so we could compare other things along the way.
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