connect plus and simplex in same zone

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connect plus and simplex in same zone

Post by tdats »

We have 2 digital simplex frequencies we want to include in the same zone as the rest of our connect plus talkgroups so our people do not have to switch zones to get to them. In the connect plus zone in the CPS, I disabled the option card on the channel position that I want to be simplex, wrote the information to that location, but the programming in the connect plus card is still seems to be present in that channel. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? My radios are XPR6550's and SL7550's.

We have the simplex channels as a backup in case you are in a dead zone on the connect plus system, in the event of a system outage, or if you are working on close range projects where you don't want to tie up the system.

Is there any sort of failure mode settings or anything with the card that I might be able to set this up in? I am seeing some fallback settings in the connect plus board CPS, but I am thinking that is not quite what I am looking for.
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Re: connect plus and simplex in same zone

Post by tvsjr »

Nope, it's on a per-zone basis. Check the DMR forum over at, there are some programming tips in there (search for my username, then read what others replied with).

Unfortunately, the implementation of C+ is largely bastardized. Shocking, I know.
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