GPS Tracking Software

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GPS Tracking Software

Post by tdats »

Anyone have any suggestions for a software package for GPS tracking some trbo radios? The challenge is we are using Connect Plus. I asked our system operator, and he said software starts out at $40,000. Seemed a bit high to me.

I have been playing around with TransTrbo, but it does not seem to like connect plus. Works great otherwise.

Looking for a program for our school to use, but they are only expecting to track a few vehicles, and maybe a couple of portables. Not really even needing track logs or anything, just current position.

Any suggestions?
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Re: GPS Tracking Software

Post by RFguy »

The biggest ones are NeoTerra, StreetTrek, Tallysman and TRBOnet

Software starts around $3,000 for some of these. Add radio, computers, configuration, radio programming, installation.
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